Ux UI Concept Design Project.

GlassIS is a Group College project for User Experience and Concept Design. We had to create a concept and brand identity. With a short video presentation explaining a key feature of this App or Device.

The Idea is that you will be able to take Photos,
Videos and memos/notes by just speaking to the device.


Glassis logo


GlassIS Web page
This was a grupe college projeck hosted by the college so the link may be broken

The concept for this app is that in the future when voice comands
and wareable devices are more advanced

You the user will be able to :

  •    Take Photos and Videos
  •    Record Memos or Notes
  •    Tag people or groups
  •    Upload to server or social media

All by just speaking to the device.


The app idea had started as a phone app but we then thought it might be better to think more about the future


So we designed it for a Glassis devices like Google Glass


Finel logo Design


So the idea was that Users could speak simple comands and the device could proform these tasks but why?

We came up with user case sinarioes like Teachers, Coaches and Docters.
Examples :

  • A Teacher could record notes about lessons, student behavier. Possiply evin attendence using facial recignition and voice commands.

  • If a player was ingered dureing a match or training the A Coaches or Docters could record the a players recovery and responce to physio and recovery for future reference